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 The Los Angeles Pedicab Company   : LAPCO


LAPCO Beach tour

Santa Monica, Venice and Marina Del Rey are packed full of beautiful sites to see and super fun things to do. Muscle Beach, The Santa Monica Pier, the basketball courts, the skate park,  the canals, two piers and countless parks. We can show it all to you. It will feel like you are on a hollywood set, you will see many iconic spots. Our beach tours can last anywhere from a half hour to all day.

LAPCO Sunset Tour

The Santa Monica Bay Sunset can stand up to any sunset in the world. Especially during sunset season, which is now! Start time on the Santa Monica and Venice Sunset tour is 20-40 minutes before sunset depending on where you would like to be picked up

Stretching from Burbank to Cypress Park The Los Angeles River Bicycle Path is a very scenic ride. With small parks along the way and the riverbed restored to parklands there are so many things to see.Spend an hour or spend the afternoon.


Having been used as a location in so many films and television shows the Los Angeles River is iconic. Whether you are a native Angeleno or from another continent you have most likely seen the LA River. Projects ranging from Terminator 2 to Grease.

LA River Tours

We can pedicab you from park to park p and down the Los Angeles River

Perhaps you would like to picnic in one of the adjacent parks. We can Arrange for that as well. Pack your own lunch or have us arrange for catering. Anything from sandwiches from my favorite delis to a celebrity chef appearance. Nothing is impossible.

LA River Pedicab Tours are by appointment only with a 24-48 hour minimum notice. Two hour minimum tour.

LAPCO Green Tour

Marijuana is now legal recreationally in California, but the infrastructure is not yet in place. Do not fret Awesome Pedicab is here to help! On the Green Tour we pick you up at your hotel or parking spot and take you through all the hoops! We will get you your medicine and show you some cool spots to smoke where you will be free from persecution. When we drop you off it will be  with a giant smile on your face and relief from your ailments. If you have come to california to partake of our magical healing plant then the green tour is for you. We can make it happen legally for you!